Why are fast sites important?

Put simply, speed matters because it impacts user experience, your Google search ranking, and your sales.

1. First Impressions

Over 40% of people will leave a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. To visitors, a website represents you and your business. It’s the first thing they see, and it’s the first thing they’ll judge. So, if a site takes a long time to load, it only serves to frustrate the visitor. This can already set a site up for failure. But, if a website loads fast, then already your business looks professional.

2. User Friendly

For greater customer satisfaction, having a fast site means visitors can find what they’re looking for quickly. You want to be able to give your customer what they want as fast as you can. If a visitor’s aim is to briefly ‘check out’ your site, then let them have that chance. Visitors also expect websites to be fast – especially during an increasing digital world!

3. Rate of Return

Slow load speeds push visitors away and this affects your sales. 80% of online shoppers say they won’t go back to a website if they’ve had trouble with load speed. This can have other consequences: customers might stop referring your service to others due to their poor experience.

4. Google Rank

Google have said that they favour faster sites. This means fast sites rank higher on Google. If you have a fast site, you have more of a chance to get onto the first results page – and that is where you want to be to get more visitors.

Fast sites = high rank on Google = more potential sales.

Let Us Help You

We can make your site faster. Here’s a screenshot of our score on a site performance website (GTmetrix):  

Without getting too technical, this fundamentally means our site is very fast. The important thing to note is the ‘performance’ tab and ‘structure’ tab; these show and rate different indicators on a site. ‘Performance’, rates the overview of a website. ‘Structure’ analyses issues affecting the performance of a site. In our case, both are perfect and both are optimised to deliver fast sites.

If you want, you can try it yourself! Go to https://gtmetrix.com/ and type your domain name in and see the results! 

If you want help setting up a fast website, or update an existing one, contact us! We’re more than happy to help!

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