Start Up

Some samples of single page website layouts that are available in our “Start Up” package which includes a domain name, email addresses and monthly content updates all maintained, upgraded and hosted securely by us for only £300 plus £10 per month.

Start Up 1

Full page width, grids with colour blocks and imagery, testimonials, Google map, sections for your USP’s and services offered.

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Start Up 2

Use of animation on scrolling creates a clean, sophisticated page with hero imagery. A contact form and pricing table is included.

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Start Up 3

When your primary aim is to share your contact details and the services you offer, this single page layout is clean and simple.

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Start Up 4

For something fancy, this one pager is more optimised for viewing on a computer or laptop, but is nonetheless still great for mobile!

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Start Up 5

One website, two styles. One on mobile and one on laptop. Simple but sophisticated, customers will love their time on this site.

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Start Up 6

A clean page layout with vibrant shaped dividers, animated scrolling, and image sliders make for a well designed business look.

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As per our “Start Up” package, “Grow” intends to develop your website further offering more coverage to clients. This includes a work portfolio, Google Map/ Analytics and an Instagram social feed integration for only £500 plus £15 per month.

Grow 1

A sleek and minimal design, these pages are designed to effectively show your content clearly – simple and effective.

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Grow 2

A more modern approach for websites. This style creates a well-though journey for clients to view your services.

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Grow 3

For a website with a lot of features. There’s animation on scrolling, colour blocks, number countdowns – there’s something for everyone.

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For those that want to sell products we offer a comprehensive package: from selling variable products, screens to manage orders/ products/ inventory to Google Product Feed and mailing lists we can provide all manner of services. Check what we’ve made for our happy clients! For only £1500 plus £25 per month.

eCommerce 1

Cuddle Plush Fabrics – We’ve been working together for over 5 years!

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eCommerce 2

Curtain Drop – A demonstration of the latest features WooCommerce has to offer!

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eCommerce 3

Luna Landings – They offer specialised services that customers can configure themselves! 

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