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Bunnies, Bunches and Bows

Phoebe started her store on Etsy and has since developed her business further with her own eCommerce website!

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Phoebe recently taught herself how to sew. Some time later she began sewing gifts and eventually started Bunnies, Bunches and Bows. Beginning and selling on Etsy gave her the confidence to start a website. That’s where we came in and now Phoebe has increased the amount of products sold!

You can filter by categories and further by variation and find out what’s new in stock. Because a lot of the products are one-of-a-kind and have few stock we helped improve her management and efficiency, such as implementing a stock management plugin, by setting up invoices, and Google Analytics to follow what pages customers visit the most to name a few.

Now, Phoebe can focus more time on creating products and worrying less with managing products and her website!

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